» Gianluca from Molfetta wrote:
Preserve in you love, that grace, that beauty, that smile that only know how to make your every gesture.
Keep it for all the years to come ... you who have the smile of life ............

Happy birthday!

» John from New Zealand wrote:
happy birthday Ellen all the best on your 23, best wishes

» Ellen from New York wrote:
lol we got the same name! I love you so much Ellen! You are my favorite actress. I hope you have a very fun birthday with family and friends. I cant wait for you new movies coming out

» Anna Lane Pine from Half Moon Bay, Ca wrote:
Wishing you a very golden brithday
noting but love for ya and best wishes on all your
furture goals in life

Anna Lane Pine

» Marina from Vail, Co wrote:
Ellen, You are soo cute.. Happy Birthday!

» Geoffrey from Philipines wrote:
Happy birthday Ellen, don't party to hard! ;)

» Andy from Campbell wrote:
i've been thinkin of u* aye so how about doing a show with me

» JJ from Canada wrote:
Happy Bday Ellen! Can't wait to see your new movies.

» Andy from Indianapolis wrote:
Dug Juno and Whip It. Not sure I could handle Hard Candy. Happy Birthday!

» laura bee from jakarta, indonesia wrote:
happy 23rd birthday ellen!
god bless you...

» Joshua from Tennesse wrote:
i think your the best,and i love your movies, have a very happy birthday

» Omar from Veracruz wrote:
Happy Birthday Ellen, you are super beautiful, just I love you, admire you and you are an idol for me, I love you:)

» Laura from Boston wrote:
Happy 23rd, Ellen! I can't wait for Peacock/Inception/Super... you're amazing and you deserve all the success you receive.

I hope you have a great day. c:
Carpe omnious.

» Tao from China wrote:
Happy Birthday Ellen
I am come form China and i love your each film
Whip It!
An American Crime
The Tracey Fragments
Smart People
Hard Candy
each film is amazing
I hope you can Academy Award for Best Actress you are best!
(I hope to make friends with you there is my e-mail apple51391@126.com )

» Jesus from Argentina wrote:
happy birthday ELLEN....... and have very good day. saludos. jejeje


» Jim H. from Edmonton, Alberta wrote:
Time flies eh! Hope things are going well for you. Looking forward to seeing all your new projects as they come out.

Love and best wishes.

» Erick from Houston wrote:
happy birthday ellen and have good day g so good bye

» Deanna from Ontario wrote:
Happy Birthday Ellen, I hope you had a great day!! You are an amazing actress.

» Emily from Spain wrote:
Ellen, I wish you a very very happy BDay hun! :)

I made a little present for you...I really hope that you can see it because I made it with all my love :)
I've that web and always make lovely videos about you.


love youu, be happy!! :D

» Phoebe B. from NY wrote:
Hi Ms. Ellen. Wishing you a very blessed birthday.. All the best.