» Romain from France wrote:
Happy Birthday Ellen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are my favourite actress !!!!!!
I like you, I love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!!!

» Sophia Cheung from Houston, TX wrote:
Dear Ellen,

I hope you have a wonderful birthday! I can't wait to see your new film Inception! Best wishes to you always!

Sophia :)

» Sarah from California wrote:
Happy Birthday Ellen! Glad you got some many ppl wishing you well! Stay safe! xoxo

» Rich from bartel.rich@gmail.com wrote:
Yo Ellen i wrote a song with yer name in it. Don't sue me. Happy Birthday! I'm drinking this whole beer with hopefull thoughts about your future. Good Luck ~ Rich

» Kevin Carattini from Bayonne, NJ wrote:
Happy Birthday Ellen! You have captured my heart with your brilliant acting and I'm working on a screenplay with you in mind! Hope to be graced with your presence one day!

» Emily from Costa Mesa, CA wrote:
Dear Ellen,
ever since i saw juno, you have been such an inspiration to me! i cant wait until i see you in more movies.

» Debby from Argentina wrote:
Ellen! Happy Birthday to you!

You are such a big inspiration, a very talented actress and a sweet person :3

Hope this year brings you a lot of good things.
You deserve the best! :)

Greetings from a South American Fan!


» Duane (topofmyhead@live.com) Hew**n from Durham Region wrote:
Hey E

Hope all is well with you, been a very long time since we spoke trailer park boys to be exact. Try and hit me back sometime.

Duane H

» Paul from Berlin, Germany wrote:
Happy Birthday Ellen!!! Have a wonderful day and may all your wishes come true!


» Amber from Hawaii wrote:
Happy Birthday to a very inspirational Ellen! Don't ever change your gorgeous personality! ^_^

» Alex from Los Angeles, CA wrote:
May bad luck slip by you and never catch you. Are you too old for that one? If so birthday wishes from around the world are a good substitute. Hope your birthday was amazing. Best of luck. I hope 23 brings you everything you want and nothing you don't.

» Jose Julian from wrote:
ellen page my love a kiss for you ! princess check my video of you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Audq0QZ8qlA

» Viktor Delarm from Mexico wrote:
Happy b-day Ellen!!!

cheers from Mexico!!!

» Chris from Camp Arifjan, Kuwait wrote:
Hey El, best wishes, Happy Birthday!

» Sally-Louisee from Somerset - UK wrote:
Happy Birthday Ellen :D Hope you had a great day
Loveyouu xoxo

» Geoffrey Smith from Ottawa wrote:
Happy Belated Birthday Ellen Page!!!!!

hope you had a great one :)

your biggest fan


» Rudy from Les Mureaux, France wrote:
Happy birthday Ellen.I love you,you are my favourite actress.Bye

» Muhammad from Minnesota wrote:
Happy birthday! I luvz you ^_^ be my wife

» Ash from Brunei Darussalam wrote:
Happy Birthday To You Ellen Page!!
Enjoy Your Day! :)

» Diego from Peru wrote:
happy birthday
best wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!